Monday, April 04, 2005

Deen Intensive

I'm planning to return to Malaysia in June this year for summer break until I got an email from Egypt that one of my friend in Cairo is coming to Dublin this summer.Ustaz Fauzi Hadrami, the man that I first encountered during my rihlah in Middle East, asked me whether he could stay in my place.Of course, as Habib Umar's student in Dar Mustafa, his knowledge in classical Islam, particularly in Syafi'i Fiqh and Tasawwuf often amazed me.During his period in Yemen, apart from Habib Umar, he also had the golden opportunity to study under the Mufti of Yemen and various Hadramaut scholars.Currently, he's reading Comparative Fiqh in Al-Azhar's Masters programme.I'm arranging a Deen Intensive programme in Dublin for about a month (maybe from 15 June to 15 July) in conjuction with his visit to Ireland.To make his visit beneficial to Malaysian Muslim population here, I'm planning to 'abuse' my power as Secretary General of PPIMI to launch a 'talaqqi' programme under PPIMI.These are the books that we plan to use during the course:

1.BIDAYATUL HIDAYAH by Hujjatul Islam Imam Ghazali
(The book is for beginners in Tasawwuf)

(Available in Malay Language titled Nasihat Agama dan
Wasiat Iman.Also a great book in Tasawwuf used in
Syafi'is madrasahs worlwide.

al-Misri (Available in English with title 'Reliance of
the Travellers', translated by Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim
Keller.A classical manual of Syafi'i Fiqh)

4.MATAN ARBAIN NAWAWIYYA or Hadith 40 Imam Nawawi.(A must-learn
compilation of hadith, always preached in usrahs)

5. AQIDAH AL AWWAM by Shaykh Ahmad Marzuqi (A basic
book for beginners in 'aqidah or creed)

So, how's my idea?Anybody interested????


Anonymous said...


wah this is great. the only snag is the timing, though if things are as good as it is now, i probably would be able to spend some weekends in dublin.

your selection of texts is good, but some may not be e.g. the umdat as-salik. it is better to learn some shorter texts for their brevity nad so that it won't tax ppl who are not used to this kind of learning. also, try to speak to sidi afifi about this and ask his opinion.

btw, did you try to call me last few nights? my phone broke down and i have lost everyone's number.

Anonymous said...


so you won't be back for my wedding??


Anonymous said...


insya Allah, program deen intensive aku tu cuma sebulan.from 15 jun to middle after that i'll be going ko......aku mana boleh miss.mestilah aku nak pergi.....unless if i have problem with my exam laa....insya Allah tak ada masalah kut..........


Anonymous said...

Bro nnydd,

Ustaz Fauzi can't find a better time to come to Dublin except in summer since he's also a student in Azhar.I'm aware most students will fly home in summer.If not, things will be on brighter side :) Plus we now have trouble with the venue since Malaysia Hall in Dublin will be closed in summer for renovation.Ustaz Fauzi himself can't confirm the exact date he will come since it highly dependent on his exam results.
The programme will be a humble one and we might use one of the student's residence if the participants are scarce.The number of attendence is not important basicly.The most important thing is that I hope guys here in Dublin will have opportunity to socialize with Ustaz Fauzi and they can ask him anything ambiguous to them in religion, insya Allah.

About the text selections, Ustaz Fauzi had already reminded me about Umdat Salik;
" Kitab ni payah skit.Susah nak baca........(for beginners)"

I realized that and it will be a disadvantage for people who are aliens to traditional Islamic education system.But my only concern is that there are no other Syafi'i fiqh manual translation available in English or Malay better than Umdat Salik (that I know).Of course, there are other abbreviated and more simpler text like Safinah Naja and Risalah Jamia, but I can't find any translation of them in English or Malay.I'll be discussing about it again with Ustaz Fauzi.

Meanwhile, can I know how to reach Sidi Afifi?I never speak to him or make any contact before.I don't have the idea how to initiate that.Can I just email him and ask or would it be more 'beradab' to call him?

P/S : I didn't call you few days ago.In case you lost my number, it's +353857320293

Anonymous said...



I didn't have the opportunity to ask Sidi Abdul Aziz last night, but should you want to use his Risalatul Jamiah, I can call him later. Don't think there is any problem with that.

As wrt Safinatun Naja, there is an incomplete translation of it in English on the web. Search fro kitab al-Majmu' and you will insya-Allah find them. Ask me again if you can't.

To think about it again, Safinatun Naja may be the best text to use, considering al-fadhil ustaz Yemeni background, and considering that the text itself comprises all three portions of aqidah, fiqh and ilm akhlaq.

Snce this programme is scheduled for mid june I think there is ample time to order the text from Malaysia; there is definitely some Indonesian translation of it. Otherwise, get the ustaz to read the Arabic text and let the students note down his dictation, OR, ask our Oxfordian source for his friend completed translation of Safinatun Naja; it exists but waiting further work on it.

See my email reply too...