Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Deen Intensive Dublin(DID)

This summer, Persatuan Pelajar Islam Malaysia Ireland (PPIMI) is proud to host a month of intensive study of Islam, covering the 3 most important branches of revealed knowledge; Creed ('Aqidah), Jurispundence (Fiqh) and Sufisme (Tasawwuf). The course will be lead by Al-Fadhil Sheikh Mohammed Fauzi Ibn Abdul Aziz al-Hadrami, a Masters student in University of Al-Azhar, Egypt.
Sheikh Mohammed Fauzi is a teacher with classical Islamic education background.He was qualified from Dar Mustafa, a renowned traditional Islamic 'madrasah' in Hadramawt Valley in Yemen.After completing 5 years education in Dar Mustafa under various 'syuyukh', among them Habib Umar Hafeez, Habib Ali al-Jifri and the Grand Mufti of Yemen, he pursued his degree and now Masters Programme in Comparative Jurispundence.The details of the programme are:

Date: 17 June -16 July 2005 (4 weeks)
Venue: Dublin Mosque, South Circular Road, Dublin 8
Fees: 40 Euros (negotiable), 10 Euros per week
Texts covered:

  1. AQIDAH AL AWWAM by Shaykh Ahmad Marzuqi (A basic corpus for beginners in 'aqidah or creed, covering the vital aspects of the creed of Ahlus Sunnah wa Jamaah with particular referance to Asha'ari and Maturdi school)
  2. RISALAH JAMIAH by Shaykh al-Habib Ahmad bin Zayn al-Habshi. (It covers the basics of worship according to the Shaafi'i madhhab and is, according to the author a concise abridgement of the works of Imam al-Ghazali.The text concludes with a section on tasawwuf, and instills in the student a knowledge of the various spiritual diseases)
  3. NASSAIH DINIYYAH WAL WASAYYA IMANIYYA by Imam Habib Abdallah Alawi al-Haddad (Available in Malay Language titled 'Nasihat Agama dan Wasiat Iman'.Also a great book in Tasawwuf, a corpus that not only cover Tasawwuf subjects but also a mixture of 'Aqidah and Fiqh.One of the most famous book in Syafi'is madrasahs worlwide)
  4. BIDAYATUL HIDAYAH by Hujjatul Islam Imam Ghazali (The book is for beginners in Tasawwuf, a ladder for new-comer in Tasawwuf.Great corpus of celebrated Hujjatul Islam, al-Ghazali apart from Ihya' Ulumuddin)
  5. MATAN ARBAIN NAWAWIYYA or 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi.(A must-learn and most important compilation of hadith, featuring the carefully selected hadith that are considered pillars of Islam)

All of the texts will be teached with 'isnaad' that can be traced back to the writers.There will be 5 lessons per day (for each text).Lessons are in Malay language.Individuals from all over Ireland and UK are invited to join the programme even if it is not for full 4 weeks of study.Non-Dubliners who wish to come will be placed in Dublin's student houses (only by early notice to the contact person).Any enquiries, please contact;

Shafiq Ayman bin Rosland,

Secretary General,

Persatuan Pelajar Islam Malaysia Ireland (PPIMI)

Email: ibnu_taimiyyah@yahoo.co.uk

Phone: +353857320293

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