Saturday, May 27, 2006

There has been a miscommunication about the material that will be covered during Sidi Abdul Aziz's visit to Dublin.He'll be covering a section of Hidiyatul Siddiq on The Heart ( a poem by Abdullah bin Hussain binTahir as yet untranslated).In previous posting, I mentioned that he will be covering a chapter from the book 'Miftahul Jannah'.

Hoping to see bright faces of the seekers of knowledge tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

allow me to add something..Sidi's intention of being with M'sian (& others) in Dublin is more noble than we've expected, so..pls do as best as one can of the followings:
1. extract his knowledges, experiences
2. observe his characters
3. reflect on his words
3. put 1,2&3 into practices

InsyaAllah- May Allah forgive our words, overlook our mistakes, purify our heart & thus intention and make sure we have a polished heart after Sidi's barakah trip to Dublin, if we find that our heart is blemished more than polished- something wrong, be careful my friends!


Anonymous said...

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