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Abdassamad Clarke is the translator of a number of classical works,
including "The History of the Khalifahs Who Took the Right Way", based
on Imam Jalaluddin As-Suyuti's "Tārķkh Al-Khulafā". It is a classical
text presenting some of the most authentic traditions regarding the
first four caliphs of Islam, the integrity and wisdom they displayed
in their governance, and their contributions to that body of practice
which is known to us as the Sunnah. Other books translated or written
by Abdassamad include, "A Madinan View on the Sunnah", "The Clear
Victory", "Year of the Elephant", "Drops from an Ocean" and Ibn Abi
Zayd al-Qayrawāni's manual on Maliki fiqh "Kitāb al-Jāmi'".


abuzuhri said...

Salam sd mugharrib,
All praise to Allah, a random search found your blog. Very much like our spirit, the stranger, seeker and raw murid, waiting to be discovered. Here are my past journals to share with Hoopoe friends. wassalam.
cai jian.

abuzuhri shin


14 July 2005

1. What the Great Learning Ta Hsue of the Old Masters teaches to the seeker is- to deepen the illustrious virtue (ming- secret of the heart), to renovate people (salihun-purify and rectify their inward and outward); and to rest in the highest excellence ( te’-in knowledge, worship and service for Heaven among the creation).

2. Wake up for Fajr prayer at about 6.00 am. Take a cool bath and after donning the best cloth perform a short dhikr :
Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum
La ilaha illa Anta –four times
(in my heart, may it be amplified 10 times
to make 40 times as originally intended. A sufi or Companion related this practice
from Rasul s.a.w to polish the mirror of the heart and bring it to light-nur).
SubhanaLlahi bihamdihi subhanaLlahil-Azim. Astaghfirullah- 3 times.

3. Then, the seeker who had idhin followed the Instruction outlined by Our Venerable Teacher Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib a Pole of His Age, the Guide To Allah, the Wali and Noble Sharif in his Diwan entitled The Gems of The Traveling Murid and The Gifts of The Wayfaring Gnostics recited the famous last two bayt of the Lakal-Hamdu qasida:

Wa Ya Rabbi bi-hadi
Raufi Muhammadin
Anilna ulumaatan-fauna yauman nasyri
Wa qawwina bil-anwari fi kulli lahzatin
Wa thabit-na inda khatmi
Wan-naz’I wal-qabri

4. In the Fajr prayer, make it short and sweet, so he recited the familiar ayat from Surah Yusuf : Inna Rabbi latifun liman yasyau’, innahu huwa Alimun Hakim until the end…Anta Waliyyi did-dunya wal-akhirah. Tawaffani musliman wa ahiqni bis-solihin. What a beautiful doa. What a great request upon Allah. What an intimate yearning for Him and proctection from the trials of dunya. You are my Friend and Guardian in dunya and akhira. Make me surrender-die as a Muslim and gather me in the company of the Righteous-Salihin (those rectify people heart to be sincere in actions and thoughts and in transaction with people).

5. The second rakaa- the seeker attempted to lengthen it by another ayat memorized from the heart. An ayat renown ed for jihad and promise of victory and the Garden from surah at-Taubah:
‘ Inna Allah asyataral minal-mumina anfusahum wa amwalahum bi-anna lahumul-janna. Yuqatiluna fi sabilillahi fa-yaqtuluna wa yuqtalun. Wa’dan alaihi haqqan fit-Taurati wal-Injil
wal-Qurani . zalika huwal-fauzul azim.

6. This real understanding and drowning in the manifest Light of Revelations from Allah tabaraka wa taala will suffice for the seeker in his new day adventure. Before going to send his eldest daughter to the Express Rail Link Station (ERL) at Putrajaya just about 5 kilometers away. So she can catch the train at 6.30 am to KL Sentral. Then switch to another modern light rail train (LRT) all the way to the terminal at Taman Melati, Gombak. This two mega projects cost us billions of ringgit and almost bankrupted the nation during the 1997/1998 currency crisis. She was among the thousands fortunate and glamorous students accepted to pursue their higher education (sic not knowledge or wisdom) at the famous University epitaph;
Fountain of Knowledge and Garden of Virtue.

7. Back to our opening line of Ta Hsue. If not connected to the spiritual transmission of Islam, iman and ihsan by living masters and savants, then by logic, these students will taught by the so called modern doctors of philosophers ( Ph D) and
Masters in several revered degrees from Western universities such as London school of Oriental studies, Oxford-cambridge, Edinburgh University, Temple University, Washinton Universsity, Berkeley University, Leiden University or
Tokyo University where Dr. Itsuzu taught and Dr.Sachiko Murata begin her interest in the Tao of Islam while his lecturer dabbled in Ibnu Arabi Cosmology of Tawhid and Contemplative Visions.

8 The seeker closed off his prayer with the doa he acquired before embracing Islam :
Rabbi habli hukman wa ahiqni bis-salihin. Rabbi adhkilni
mudhkala sidqin
Wa akhrijni mukhraja sidqin
Waj’alni min ladunka
Sultanan Nasira.
Amin ya Rabbal Alamin.

The Second Step 27.7.2005

Sometime in 2001, I invited br.Ho Chin Soon to the Macma Monday night class on Understanding of Islam fro the beginners and new comers. At 8.30 pm they are streaning into the mezzazine floor of Balai Islam, Jalan ipoh infront of Sentul Police Station. How happy and eager are their faces, my beloved students such as Johan Carlos of Venezuala and wife Fauzia an accountant with TM Berhad, Nur Diyana Ong and Ratna Shauqi of Siamese descent who gave two free tickets for me and wife to attend the famous Kitaro Live Performance in Arena of Stars, Genting Highland in early 2004. Then, Abdal Latiff Tanora of New Zealand, the young handsome Amir Scott of Ohio, USA met his beautiful malay wife in the University and married in a Felda plantation in Pahang. He loved durian at the first try and consumed a whole fruit, later admitted to hospital for high fever !

May Allah bless them all with sweet iman, strong hearts and subtle wisdom of Islam. Some of them embraced Islam during the six months course, some get married in between and some had to leave for their home country with nostalagia like Pieree Henry of France. Allah Taala said in the Quran :
‘ Whoever strive for Our sake (to deepen/practice Islam),
surely We will guide them
to Our Way. Wa man jahadu
fina la-yadhiyannahum
subulana. ‘

Br.Ho that night gave me a copy of The Corcordance of Quran in English about 1000 pages. Just pick a word in Arabic, you can find the references in the Quranic chapters, verses and similar root words. He also attended one of our study circle in PJ and I visited his house at Wangsa Maju once exchanging views and experiences on our Islamic journey. He is one of many Chinese muslims who refused to adopt an arabize muslim name but still using his birth name but his IC stated his is a muslim. People glare at him when discovered he is a muslim but stuck at his name. Ming bu fu shi. Al-Hujwiri said : Sufism was a reality without name and later a name for many without any reality
(in their inward states/wisdom).

My case is the opposite. After two years working in a Government Ministry, my lady boss exclaimed:
Halim, you are a Chinese ? You had few traces of your ancient lineage and speak fluent malay like native !
To tell you how much I loved books on Islamic knowledges , Chinese traditions and Tasawwuf, over the years 3 cupboard were filled to the brims. My first secretly books bought when still not yet Muslim from year 1975 were as follow:

Hadis Qudsi by. HA Abdullah Sani
Hidup Sesudah Mati-Bey Ariffin
Dinamika Iman- Bey Ariffin
What is Sufism – Martin Lings
Hai Anak- Imam Ghazali
Man and Nature- SH Nasr
Miracles of Muhammad- Said Nursi
Road To Mecca- Muhammad Asad
Tazkiratul Awliya- Attar
The Way of Muhammad- Abdal qadir as-Sufi
Islam Our Choice
Forty Hadith of Nawawi

Since I keep my research and interest on islam a secret to many friends, they were surprised when I questioned them on finer subject of Sufis, awliya, ulama and marifa. This nuggets of wisdom eneter my diatry in 1976 :

The journey of 1000 miles
Starts with single step.

I aim for the sky
Missed it but reached
The stars.

Keep knocking, the door of Reality will be opened unto you.

My heroes that time were Confucius, Loa Tzu, Imam Ghazali, Said Nursi, Hamka, Iqbal, Tolstoy, Maryam Jameelah, Shah Waliullah, Umar Mukhtar, Hamzah fansuri, Sayyid Naquib al-attas, Ali shariati, Nietszte, Camus, Satre, Casteneda and so on.

But soon, the Prophetic sayings become my constant companions and soothing voices to calm the inner turbulents of a stranger, seeker, lone ranger, wayfarer, musafir asing, pencari, pencinta, pengembara,
Saudara baru, muallaf, faqir, murid,
Salik, ustaz, cikgu and brother as called by the unitiateds.

Oh Attar, I want to become the likes of your birds flying to the King Simurgh. Crossing seven valleys and climbing over seven mountains.
I had no Teacher and no Master
Excepts illuminated scholars, thinkers and Sufis taken out from pages of the books.

O Imam Ghazali, do you accept this stranger as worthy murid who one time feels like to abandon the world.
I want travels and learn more Islam in the distant lands of Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia or North Africa.

O Confucius, you taught me about the Way of superior men and the hidden virtues of Sheng Ren. How to accord oneself with the Will and Command of Heaven. Ching ming.

O Sages of I Ching, you taught me about the Yin and yang, to move forward or retreat until the time is ripe for the mature dragon. Study the words of the sages until you speak their languages and act like them.
Call out to Heaven, you will hear
The songs of universe and the flute in your deep being.

O my grandpa, you told ancient stories of China to us endless nights until the television sets invaded our village. Chao kuok qiu, Fu shi, Lao Tan, Tung shu, Wang ti, Shen shien,Tian Kung, Hui Jiao, Kuan yin etc
We are too young to grasp your wisdom tales but still not forgot about the Great Flood, Noah ark in Chinese history do exist ! Most important, you taught us to honor the poor beggars coming to our wooden house in Wuntong, Fa Hang with rice bowls and tongkat ! They can be Holy men or Angels in disguise to test our sincerity and generosity.
May your spirit live in peace and serenity, blessed by Heaven.
From the mountain villages of Kwang Tung, during the civil wars of Kuomintang, Communists and Japan invasion, you set out to Nanyang in search of peace and better life. Back at Tung shan, food were scarce, famines widespread and people make their own sugar from canes, soap and cooking oil from coconuts. Your brave decision lead to the long saga of my birth in Malaya that time in 1956 after you bring a young famished boy named chew khek ching by ship from Hiugkong to Singapore. Then by railtrain to Kailumpo. Then by buffalo carts 50 miles thru the winding terrains of titiwangsa jungle range overnight to reach a verdant lush valley of Wantung (Cantonese dialect). You sent him to Chinese school and then to study further in Singapore until the Second World broke out. While teaching in an estate Chinese school somewhere near Raub, Destiny brought the meeting and marriage to my mother despite there are ten other girls in your adult class !

Say: Allah give power
to whomHe wants and
He take away the power
from whom He wants.
He exalts whom He wish
And He lowered whom He wish.
He make day enter into night
And night changed to day
He take out life from the dead
And take the dead from the live.
In His hands are all goodness.
Verily He has power over
All things.

Such are the Wind of Destiny that blows many people lives into up and down. The muslims are not spared from this trouble too. Look at Shah of Iran died poor in exile, Imam khoimeini became the supreme spiritual ruler, Anwar sadat assassinated by his own soldiers , Ziaulhaq killed by aircraft sabotage, Suharto tumbled by the currency crisis,students and IMF. Taliban come into power, Kuwait destroyed, Lebanon devastated, Iraq bombed out and occupied by kuffar forces, Somalia raged by civil wars and Turkey ruled by military hands. Anwar ibrahim strategy foiled, exposed, jailed and set free again as reminders for us.

Where are the true ulama, awliya, shuyukh and Sufis that you can tread their shining path to Allah in certainty, gnosis, mujahada, purification, dhikr,
Humility, love, hope, tawakkal and arrival at the Direct Vision.
Many years were spent in doubts, uncertainty, confusion and perplexities, until Allah tabaraka wa taala bring us to the Darqawiyya Shadhiliyya Path in the present millennium to quench our thirst. From Norway to Cape Town and Argentina, from the mountain of Chiapas,mexico to Indonesia islands archilelago. From Morocco to India and Europe, many fuqara were being raised up and put forward to champion this sufic knowledges. Many more amirs of community were appointed to serve the people. Hajji Abdullah Luongo of America, Amir Othman Mossignon of Zurich, Imam nafia of Chiapas, Amir Hasib Casteniera of Spain and UAE, Amir Rivai Asfat of Melbourne, Amir Ahmad Angka of Riau, Sidi Abdal Haqq Bewley, Dr. Asadullah Yates of Weimar, Dr.Yassin Dutton of Edinburgh, Sidi Abdal Kabir of Casablanca, Sidi Fudul huwari of Fez,
Sidi Abas Firman of Jakarta, Sidi Umay Vadillo from Basque, Spain, Dr. Abdal Basir Ojembara of Madrid, Hajj Ahmed Thomson of London, Amir Redhuan Oon of Kuala Lumpur.

Dr. Zuhaimy of johor, Dr.hakimi of Penang, Hajj Issa Bryce, Sidi Muhammad ibn Kursi of Tafilalet, Abu Zuhri shin of Putrajaya, Sidi Ridha Lua from Kedah, Sidi sulaiman Lim of Seremban, may Allah shower mercy to his ruh and keep him in the company of the Prophets, Awliya and Salihin. He had gone ahead of us. May Allah protect and guide his wife and children in Islam.

We ask Allah taala to give opening of Islam to the Chinese people in droves and became His warriors in gnosis and sharia. In sagely movements and stillness as foretold by Master Chuang Tzu about 2,000 years ago.

Now this is your choice to be with us ! Has you found the doors to their treasure houses ? Has you tasted the Tea of Experience at their ribat, zawiya, tea huts and pondoks ?
Come – come to our Jasmine minted sessions at lake side Precint Eleven and singing the Diwan of Shaykh Muhammad ibn alHabib transmitted from our Venerable Shaykh.
The West greets the West
and the Centre is everywhere.
One song, one hadra and
A dust under the sandals
Of the Messenger
Sallallahu alaihi wasallam.


We shall record our thanks to Sidi Kamal Koh who kindly lend his Four Chinese Classics translated and edited by James Leggee to us somewtime in 1996. He embraced Islam in 1978 afdter listened to Islamic talks by Haji Ibrahim Ma and Haji Ishak Ma at Kuala Lumpur. He studied at form five Chung Hwa school of Simpang Renggam/Kluang. A fine example of superior man Chun Tzi that need to be polished by water of hikmah.

He came to my little house in Setapak Indah, I asked him about Mencius. He replied read this book, too much to answer your question but you loves Chinese ancient philosophers like no others ! Here is my excerpts from Page 995. Mencius was asked – what do you mean by a Superior man ? a Real man ?
The reply was :
A man who commands our liking (instinctual nature/fitra) is what called A superior –Good man.( Muslim)
He whose goodness (husni khuluq)
Is part of himself is what
Called a Real Man (Mu’min)
He whose goodness has been filled up
(in his whole being) is what
called a Beautiful Man ( Muhsin).
He whose completed goodness
is brightly displayed is what
called a great Man
( Ta Ren/ Rijal al-kabir)

when this great man exercise
a transforming influence
he is what called a Sage.
( Sheng ren-Wali/Sufi)

when the Sage is beyond
our knowledge he is what
is called a Spiritual Man
( Hsien Ren/ Insanul Kamil)

My dearest reader, how we hope to understand these majestic declaration and statements from Master Meng Tzi ? Unless we are well versed in the folklores of Sufic Path, the friends of Allah, the Noble Gnostics and Arif bi’llah, the Realised Shaykh al Muhaqiqin. Those who had plunged into the Ocean of Divine Presence .And returned with a Robe of Wilayat.

Let us double check with Shaykh Ahmad Mustafa Alawi in his dictated book, meaning he cant write but jolted down by his murid from his discourses as follow:

Everything that comes from their
( Awliya/Sufis )tongues
Or is put in their books
Is from the overflowing
Of the Lord, not from
Their reading or from
Their personal acquisition.

They stand directed to their Lord, sub,missive to His Command
In the sensory and meaning
They take wisdom whenever
They find it.
Oh Allah please make us one of them
Even among the ones who
Stand at their door and
Do not cut off our relation
To them. Oh Merciful of Most merciful.

But when they took the Path
Their states changed and they
Became the sharers-inheritor of
The prophetic unletteredness…
He is unlettered (not taught by books)
By station humbled in his nobility
Low in his high position
Weak in his strength
Poor in his wealth
-this man is called the Pole-Qutb
the Gatherer (Ghawth) of Divine Wisdom the Beneficial, he understand the minuteness of things, and he takes out
of words the meaning of practice.

The one who cannot smell
the fragrance of this Station/Maqam
Has caught a cold !

The Messenger s.a.w had foretold this special men among his umma as related by Abu Nuaym Isfahani in the book Hilyatul Awliya wa Tabaqat Asfiyya page 29 and also recorded by Shaykh Daud Patani in old malay jawi kitab Munyatul Musalli as below:

‘There are always forty people (Awliya) whose hearts like Prophet Ibrahim alaihi salam among my umma. If one dies another from among the salihun will take their place’ . The heart here means knowledge, gnosis, witnessing, certainty, station of nearness, wilayat-saintship, direct vision etc that they are given in order to guide, help and serve mankind toward true worship of their Lord.

Ibnu Abbas r.a related this prayer from the Messenger :

Oh Allah , I ask You to grant me
The success of the the guided ones
(ahli-huda)the actions of the righteous (ahli yaqin)
the consent of the penitent (ahli tauba) the determination of the vigilant (munasahata ahlit tauba)
(azmi ahli-sabri)
the gnosis of the learned
(wa irfana ahli ilmi)
until we longed to meet You
and really fear You.

Every Companion who took knowledges from the presence of Rasul s.a.w are like stars in the sky. We can be guided by any of them.

‘But this Path is only useful
To those who sweep the rubbish
Heaps with their spirits’.
It also mean that true Sufis prefer being unknown, abasement, lowliness and humility instead of fame, exaltation and power’. Hence Shaykh al-Mursi said- it is difficult to know the Awliya unless Allah Taala take our hand to them’.

Time almost almost 7.30 am now, we have to report to work at office in the Block D, Precint 1 of Putrajaya. Cai jian.

Anonymous said...


Verily from what I saw on your blogs you are far from the real message of Islam, and I find that you choose (as it’s a question of choice) not to follow Muhammad (salallahu alaihi wa salam) and the clear message of Allah (Subhanah wa ta'alaa), and you are not the real lovers of Allah and his Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa salam).

But you choose to follow things which are no-sense, imagination and invented things, mystic, other things invented by your "Sheikh" (if we can call them as such), you make Halal what is Haram (like for example Music and worst than that Shirk) you seek help in Human being as if Allah is not sufficient for his creature, you lost the way far from the pure, the clear Call of Allah, which is to surrender to Him alone, to worship him Alone, to seek help and refuge from him alone, to implore him Alone.
This call of Allah which is a light for the one who follow it, a path far from superstitions, far from seeking blessing in the tomb of a dead and others absurdities. The path of Allah is the path of truth, a path which give to the soul of the believer his guidance, and which allow the Muslim to be favoured by the light of Allah (his message) in a time where the humanity is in a state of lost. How can you claim to be the lover of Allah and the Lover of the prophet Muhammad (salallahu alaihi wa salam)?? Don’t you know that the friends of the Bid’aah are the enemies of the Sunnah. But by Allah, you choose to take this road and you will encounter the consequences if you don’t repent and seek sincerely to please Allah alone. I ask you for you own benefit to come down from your cloud, and to take the path of understanding and to sincerely submit and surrender to Allah, and I warn you that the way you choose is the one of Lost and destruction.

You can contact me on

PS :Why do you choose an e-mail which is Ibnu Taymiyyah, do you know how much this honourable sheikh (ramimahullah) fighted against the Sufi, and he was put in jail because of his fighting against these hysterics? Do you know how far away you are from him?

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