Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Guidance Media Download

A new material that can be downloaded from Guidance Media.A beautiful salawat recited before Juma'ah prayer in Tarim by Malaysian qari there.His voice just fly my mind and my heart back to Malaysia, where the mu'azzin of the mosque near my house recites the same salawat with the same rhythm and melody.Click here to download.


Anonymous said...

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ex-Dubliner (308, 444, 320 SCR) said...

I noticed that you have put up some new postings. Very interesting .. remind me of life in Dublin. Please check your email. I need a favor from you but this is not the right place though. Just to initiate communication. Btw, used to stay at flat 1, 308 way back in 1992-93. How is Shaun and the family? Just in case you did not get my email, please reply at norly@ftsm.ukm.my