Sunday, September 04, 2005

Post Summer 05

I had a brilliant holiday this summer.Many priceless experiences that I can reminisce.Firstly, Deen Intensive that took place in humble Dublin Mosque.With the presence of Ustaz Fauzi Hadrami, the emptiness of summer suddenly changed into a hectic period.None of us have ever attended such an intensive course, covering 5 texts per day ranging from hadith, fiqh, tafsir and tasawwuf.Except tafsir, we managed to cover everything.I’m delighted that many participants are willing to stay as long as possible.It was not easy to spill commitment in the middle of a holiday to study deen, traditionally.

Secondly, trip to Glasgow to meet up Sidi Aziz Ahmed and Anak Alam.I can’t express how much delighted I am to be with Sidi Abdul Aziz.Sidi Abdul Aziz, somehow has a magnetic personality.Humble and down-to-earth person but only Allah SWT knows the sea of knowledge inside him.I remembered when one of his student mentioned about Dr Mostafa Badawi praising Sidi Aziz when the student met Dr Mostafa in Madinah."Never underestimate Sidi Abdul Aziz.He’s a true scholar.If I’m in Glasgow, I’ll knock his door everyday to learn from him!”

Thirdly, my holiday in Malaysia after 2 years.Surprisingly, there were so many changes that I noted.My brothers and my youngest sister look so grown up already.(lama sangat aku tak balik).Although I just went home for a month, I did quite a few things that I planned.Among them, going to every single wedding of my friends, especially Mat Zack (dekat Taman Tun, it's already my area) and also Budu, my MCKK friend. To all of my friends that tied their knots during summer, all the best in your wedded life.

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