Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Property

My only property after reaching 24 years old. A 'Harley Davidson' XDS 400.Bought it from Penny Farting second-hand store.

The student of learning must have sustenance and have knowledge of those things which increase it.The student should know well what augments life and health in order to be free from other occupations and thus devote himself to the pursuit of knowledge alone.Books have been written describing these matters; so briefly I will cite only some points:

The Messenger of God(peace and blessing be upon him!) said,

"The decress of God are not averted except by supplication and your span of life is not augmented except through piety. For a man is deprived sustenance because of sin he committed."

Duha prayer is very well known act associated with provision; as are reading Sura Waqiah particularly when one usually sleeps..............

"O God!!Make me content with those things You have made permissible as opposed to those things You have made prohibited. And make me satisfied with Your favour to the exclusion of anybody else's"

From Ta'lim al-Muta'allim Tariq al-Ta'allum by Imam Zarnuji)


|PrincesSs| said...

cantik basikalnyer..

menjadi pelajar adalah antara saat2 terbest dalam hidup ramai sajer orang akan grad tahun depan.diharapkan proses pembelajaran tidak ditinggalkan dengan tinggalnya universiti jauh dari diri..

heh heh heh

hata05 said...

btw utk pengetahuan, basikal tidak praktikal di irbid, syafiq pon tau aku rasa hehe.. sbb nak u univ kalo naik ebskal, mrasalah satu jam baru sampai, pastu berpeluh2 segala heheh

Shafiq Ayman said...

silalah naik keldai sahaja dari irbid ke JUST.kan lebih energy-efisyen??

Tawel-Sensei said...

Minyak tengah naik ni, elok kita naik basikal kat malaysia.