Saturday, March 18, 2006

The School Meme

I read Nik Nazmi's website and found out about this school meme. Not to forget about Nad from Ukraine who relentlessly pushing me to continue the chain.It was already 6 or 7 years after I left my alma mater, MCKK. It feels so good to reminisce the past.My mother told me that SPM results were out and nowadays getting a dozen of As is no big deal.During my time, getting a six aggregates (we were the last batch before the 'sijil terbuka' system) will secure one's future in tertiary education.

How many schools did I go to?

I went to 4 schools

Sekolah Rendah Jalan Datuk Palembang,Melaka
Sekolah Kebangsaan Chukai, Kemaman, Terengganu
Sekolah Rendah Sultan Ismail, Kemaman, Terengganu
Malay College Kuala Kangsar

My father is a goverment servant that works with JKR.Back then, before he was moved to JKR HQ in Kuala Lumpur, he was always posted to various districts in Malaysia.He used to be the 'Jurutera Daerah' of Kemaman.I can vividly remember that our home in Jalan Sentosa was a big and nice wooden quarter with 3 rooms.3 of my youngest sister and my brothers were born during this period.During my primary school years, I remember that my mother keep pushing me to do well in UPSR so that I'll get a chance to be offered to any boarding school.

"It will give us more space in the house for your younger brothers and sister!"

So, I did really well in UPSR.Offered to MCKK and my parents were overwhelmed with joy.I know it's difficult to be selected and I used to hear that MCKK was once called as the Eton of the East.But, I was too young to bother about the prestige thing.All I knew was Kuala Kangsar is so far from Kemaman, as if it is the other side of the world.It took 13 hours of journey from Kemaman to Kuala Kangsar via bus.Bear in mind that this was pre-Air Asia and cheap-flights era.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?

People called me nerd but the fact is, I am a last minute worker.An attitude that I embraced until I'm in medical school. A habit that costs me a lot (and costs the taxpayers money) because I keep resiting my exams and my sponsor JPA had to pay for that!!
Well, like the maxim that I found somewhere in UCD walls;

"I love exams, so I took it twice!!"

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?

To be honest, I was a teacher's pet.From primary until secondary school.I was a brilliant and nerd student in primary school.Nobody ever beat me in exams.In MCKK, I was a prefect.Other students in MCKK abhor the prefects and we were all called 'anjing'.Fortunately, I was not the 'Kepala Anjing' but Akmal Ku was.

I think I was a teacher's pet because I tend to follow every single rules.My seniors in MCKK called me 'Mat Skema'.Always go to prep on time (before I got my cubicle), went to surau early and always dressed up properly etc.Of course, being a 'Mat Skema' was not easy.All the 'taiko' hate me so much.Especially the one that I caught smoking or 'flying'.(Fly is a term that describe an illegal escapade from hostel to town etc).I remember that my 'taiko' juniors used to made graffiti in the toilet,'commemorating' my name.It was batch 96-00, not my batch.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

In MCKK, all prefects were given privileges.We got a cubicle each in the dorm.Prep in evening and night are mandatory.I used to force my Form 3 juniors to lock the cubicle's door from outside so that it will look like nobody is inside.Actually, it was just a deceiving method. I was inside all afternoon zZz...zZz.....ZzZ. Sometimes, I went to surau as well to do some 'nawafil' nap.Surprisingly, I was not alone.My best buddy, Shahreeza Safiruz bin Kasim was there as well.

When I was in Form 3, we used to have a 'dirasah' in Madrasah Islahiyyah in Kamunting.So, we (the Badan Revolusi Agama gang) fly to Taiping during weekend.I guess this was my eye-opener regarding the true traditional study of Islam.

And of course in MCKK, we have our 'illegal supper' (order from Che Nah Che Ni restaurant).My favourite supper was NGA and TA (nasi goreng ayam and teh ais).I don't know why but eating inside the 'kelambu' was so good.I always think that the meals were the best in the world.( I wonder what was the recipe)

Three subjects I enjoyed

Mandarin:It was my third language subject.I tried Arabic but failed miserably.So I switched to Mandarin instead.(Refer my posting on Language of Paradise)I love the language.But it is the most difficult language in the world.Unlike bahasa Melayu or Arabic, Mandarin has different character for each word.So, we have to memorize every character for almost every word.I have a lovely teacher who enriched the class with beautiful stories from excerpt of 'Romance of Three Kingdom' etc.('Romance of Three Kingdom' is a must-read corpus of ancient China history regarding famous war between divided kingdoms in China)

History: I love history and I never study history for exams because I can remember every single facts inside the textbook.'Sejarah Peradaban Dunia' was the most exhilarating.During my first winter holiday in Dublin, I went straight away to Andalusia, Spain.I guess the influence of the subject was great.It was always my ambition to visit the places written in the textbook, especially with regard to Islamic empire (Andalus, Egypt, Sham).During my second year summer holiday, I went to Middle East where I met countless new friend including Pangeran Hata in Irbid.

Add Math: I had a boring teacher in Add Math.But I went and learned from another teacher that was the most powerful teacher in the universe.Mr Tan Gim Hoe was a living legend.The most hardworking, selfless teacher that will make things easy for students in Add Math.I love doing his 'one paper' tutorial (questions on one side, answers on behind).

Three teachers that inspired me

Miss Grace Margaret: The most special teacher to me.Physic teaher with dynamic character.Like what Nik Nazmi mentioned, the epitome of the MCKK teacher - selfless, absolutely hardworking and inspirational.She was the only teacher that ever knew my tactics to skip prep when she was during round in the hostels.I was at Pai's room in Prep School (hostel for Form 1) and we were sleeping (Pai is the son of Dato' Mustapha Muhammad, Minister of Higher Education, MP Jeli).That time, it was so hot and humid, so I didn't wear any shirt (topless).Next thing I knew, Miss Grace was screaming hysterically;

"Aaaaaahh....Shafiq!!Bangun ke prep!Baju pun tidak dipakai!!Separuh bogel!!"

Mr Tan Gim Hoe: I already mentioned him.He inspired me to get A1 in Add Maths.Love him so much.Before that, I just lost hope on Add Maths.

Pn. Hidayati – another special MCKK teacher, she joined MCKK when we were in F1.She was like sister to me and the first teacher that I can talk with, just like friends.She wears 'tudung labuh' and her appearance is like a real 'muslimah'.I heard she married another teacher in MCKK and already got a child.

These three teacher are the figures that I hope to meet in Malaysia.I had already 'lost contact' with them and I didn't know their whereabouts.Insya Allah, we'll be destined to meet again in near future.

Seven people (school mates or not) to answer this meme:

Abadi Sufaat
Fahd Razy
Izwan Ismail
Jhaznarul Juharul Zaman
Khairul Azlan
Md Ariff Md Yusof
Reazal Effendi


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sangatla budak baik OK~

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Nad, daripada meme ni....Nad rasa saya ni baik ke?tidor masa prep tak kira jahat ke?

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cerita ko dalam blog ni..
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