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Al-Fadhil Sheikh Mohammed Fauzi Ibn Abdul Aziz al-Hadrami is a teacher with classical Islamic educational background. He is qualified from Darul Mustafa, a renowned traditional Islamic madrasah in Hadramawt Valley in Yemen. After completing 5 years education in Darul Mustafa under various scholars, among them Habib Umar Bin Muhammad Bin Salim Bin Hafeez, Habib Ali Zainal Abidin Al-Jufri, and the Grand Mufti of Yemen, Habib Ahmad Mashur, he pursued his post-graduate study in Darul Ifta’ Al-Misriyyah, a premier institute of Islamic jurisprudence. He was also granted ‘ijazahs’ from various scholars apart from Yemeni scholars. Among them was the late Muhaddith of Hijaz, Sheikh Muhammad Alawi Al-Maliki.

Our teacher has ‘isnaad’ or unbroken chain of transmission that can be traced back to the original writers of each text. This is the methodology of our previous generations (Salaf as-Soleh) in preserving the purity of our sacred knowledge.


Date : 26th May – 23rd June 2007

Venue : Dublin Mosque, South Circular Road, Dublin 8, Ireland.


1) Safinatun Najah by Sheikh Abdullah bin Saad bin Sumair Al-Hadrami

§ A basic manual for Shafi’i fiqh but also covers 3 branches of most important aspect of deen, namely Aqidah, Fiqh and Tasawwuf. This is a basic text used for beginners in Shaf’i madrasahs’ around the globe. This will be a continuation of last year’s Deen Intensive Dublin.

§ In Arabic language, ‘Safinah’ means – ship, and ‘Najah’ would refer to success or safeness

2) Tafsir Munir (Juz 30) by Sheikh Dr Wahbah Zuhayli

§ A continuation of last year’s Deen Intensive Dublin. The tafsir of Dr Wahbah is highly regarded as the best contemporary Quranic exegesis that combines both traditional and modern interpretations.

3) Hadith Bukhari and Muslim by Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafeez

§ A compilation of 50 important prophetic traditions taken from the full version of Hadith Bukhari and Muslim. Commentary of the hadith will be delivered by Al-Fadhil Sheikh Muhammed Fauzi.

4) Wassiya of Imam Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad II by Imam Habib Abdallah ‘Alawi al-Haddad

§ A collection of advices of the monumental scholar and spiritual master that lived at Tarim in the Hadramawt Valley between Yemen and Oman. He is widely held to have been the ‘renewer’ of the twelfth Islamic century. A direct descendent of the Prophet, his sanctity and direct experience of God are clearly reflected in his writings, which include several books, a collection of Sufi letters, and a volume of mystical poetry. He spent most of his life teaching Islamic jurisprudence and classical Sufism according to the order (tariqa) of the Ba’alawi sayyids.

5) Dakwah Fardhiyyah by Habib Muhammad bin Abdurrahman as-Saggof

§ A kitab relating to a person who is in possession of multiple or several occupation, and yet he/she still manage to confer goodness to the deen, without having any specific Islamic Sciences branch.

6) 500 Sunnah in Solat by Al-Fadhil Sheikh Muhammad Fauzi Ibn Abdul Aziz al-Hadrami. (Additional text for DID).

7) Fiqh an-Nisa’

§ Special classes for sisters concerning ruling for women. This class will depend on the demand of female participants.

There will be several lessons per day (for each text). Lessons are in Malay. Individuals from all over Ireland, UK, European countries and other countries as well are invited to join the programme even if it is not for the full 4 weeks of study. Non-Dubliners who wish to come will be placed in Dublin’s student houses (only by early notice to the contact person).

For any queries, please contact ;

Meor Fairuz Rizal,

Phone No : +35385-1481638

Email : lajnahtarbiyyahdakwah@…

Muhammad Zulfakar,

Phone No :+35385-1468781

Nurainee Binti Ibrahim,

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Munirah Binti Alias,

Phone No : +35385-1498173.

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