Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Cairo: Umm Dunya, The Mother of Civilization

I'm too busy with my class....I'm thinking of writing about Imam Nawawi , his life and his contribution for Muslim ummah(40 Hadith,Minhaj Talibin,Adzkar....few of his works).I visited his tomb in his village in Nawa,near Busra. But at this time I don't have the time luxury.Plus I have guests, Shariah students from Yarmouk University(Jordan) that are visiting Egypt at this time.Anybody would like to complete the essay for me????

In front of Pyramid of Giza near Ahram.The Sphinx(Abu Hol ) is not as big as I expected

Under the shadow of Abu al-Hol(Sphinx)

Camel-riding near Ahram,with the Giza's Pyramids as the background.Maybe this was the site of the battle between Napeoleon's army and the Egypt's Mamalik.

Nile river flows during sunset.....I wonder where is the site where Prophet Moses's mother drifted him away,fearing the slaughter of Bani Israel's sons during the reign of Pharoah Ramses.....

The Mosque of Sayyidina Amru al-'Ash, the Fatih of Egypt.This is the site where he ordered Muslim army to raise their fusthath (tents).Until now the area is called al-Fusthath.........

The Al-Azhar Mosque, the foundation of the oldest university in the world,Al Azhar University.The Faculty of Syari'ah,Lughah and Usul located near the Grand Azhar Mosque

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