Sunday, August 22, 2004

Friends in Jordan

One of the Rahmah that Allah SWT granted me during my visit to Middle East was to meet numerous new friends......What are good time to be with them in Jordan!!For those who are not in the photos yet......wait for your turn!!

Faez a.k.a Hata.One of the first JPA-medic batch in JUST.My companion during my visit.A good driver and loves CT Nurhaliza(don't talk about CT's foolishness,he'll get angry!)Tak sabar nak tunggu Sahibus Samahah Mufti mengharamkan konsert CT pula lepas ni!!Hahah.....

Ibrahim a.k.a Bayam driving on our way to Wadi Rum.He's my honourable host during my stay in Irbid.Short,dark but handsome.Humourous as well......Foto of his housemates, Akmal and Abe not available yet.Thanks guys!!

Faez's housemates, Syafi, Piji, and Firdaus.Syafi nampak pendiam tapi sebenarnya kelakar.And the guy besides him is an excellent chef.Fird on other hand, speaks exactly like an Arab.I'm so envy of him!Foto of Anhar(yang hensem ) unavailable.Maybe i'll upload from Syazwan France :)

Che Mie and Abg Man.I always look upon Che Mie as a 'big' Sheikh in Irbid with his religous appearance(with the jambang and so on).He and Bayam waited for me hours in Amman.Sorrylah......that was Arab management.Thanks for your patience

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