Saturday, December 31, 2005

Spiritual Decline?

I did not update my blog since ages. Maybe I'm too busy with my Legal Medicine and Ethics essays (2 500 words length= most boring subjects in the world).Or maybe I'm already thinking of retiring from blogging to concentrate on more serious matters (studying?don't think so).
Facing Christmas hols with terrible workloads, unfinished assignments and PPIMI's stuffs. In some ways, I did feel a massive 'spiritual decline' in me. So much so that I wrote an email to one of my friend seeking advice. The thing that he reminded me is worth putting here,

" Keep your night vigil and zikr especially La ilaha illAllah...."

My mind could not stop from thinking about the verses from Matharatul Qulub by Imam Mawlud regarding treatment for spiritual illnessess;

" Enjoin hunger, keep worship vigilance in the night, silence and meditation in private;

also keeping company with good people who possess sincerity, those who emulated in their states and statements;

and, finally taking refuge in the One unto whom all affairs return. That is the most beneficial treatment for all the diseases.

This must be to the point in which you are like a man drowning or someone lost in a barren desert and sees no source of succor

except from the Guardian, possessor of the greatest power.He is the one who responds to the call of distressed"

(Imam Mawlud's Matharat Qulub verse 170-175)